Thursday, March 10, 2011


She politely acknowledged the request and passed behind him. There, while she slowly poured a fresh cup of coffee for him, she leaned forward allowing her breasts to lightly, seductively brush up against his back. In response, David’s hand slipped back and, after lightly sliding his fingers up the exposed portion of her leg, which she placed strategically and closely behind him for that purpose, pressed one of his business cards into her waiting hand. She cupped it, smilingly, knowing she would find a message for her on its backside. Some moved to fill another cup and then another as she circled the table, and then quickly glanced at the card. She laughed lightly as David had written a suggestion they should meet privately and soon to discuss her insurance needs. 
The girl worked her way around the table pouring coffee into waiting cups until she was opposite David, her eyes caressing his at each stop. She moved slowly, suggestively, her lips slightly parted, her tongue tip wetting her upper lip, a lock of auburn hair lightly brushing her forehead as she looked slyly in his direction, acknowledging the written communication with a knowing, sexually enticing wink.
Several other men quickly picked up on the signals. It was as if someone in the room had stood and shouted “sex” as loudly as possible. The hormonal levels at the table David sat at were skyrocketing. The others paused with forks, spoons, or, in one case, a coffee cup suspended in the midair while their basic animal instincts told them something was up. 

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