Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The speaker’s words droned on while these men felt a stirring deep inside each of them as they watched the ginger-haired beauty communicate her intentions and her desires to David without any words crossing the short distance between them. After a short while, she left the room telling those close by that she needed to get another carafe of coffee, but no sooner had the door to the hotel’s banquet room close behind her than David excused himself from the table and followed her.
Outside the room, in the empty hallway, he met the waiting girl and, taking one of her hands in his, quickly, gently, but firmly, pulled her along with him down the hall towards an empty banquet room. There she laughed lightly as he hurried her through the doors and into the semi-darkened space filled with round tables all missing covers revealing pressed wood for table tops. Once in the door,  he spun around, pulled her roughly up against him, and met her open lips with his while forcibly maneuvering her backwards towards the closest table in the room, pulling up her dress as he did until it was around her waist.
“Ever been fucked on a table before?” he whispered as he kissed her on the throat. She smiled and leaned back feeling his hands moving over her, searching for buttons and snaps to undo. “There’s always the first time,” she replied amid teasing his lips with her tongue. He smiled, but the look in his eyes was menacing. She recognized there would be no going back, not with this man, not even if she wanted too, and she did not. He would never let her be free of his grasp at this point until he was done with her, withdrawing himself from her body, leaving her to feel his semen slowly ooze and drip from deep inside her.

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